Hold your treasures tightly

black and white doodle

I don’t mean possessions, I’m not at all materialistic. I find money and things get in the way of the real stuff.

What I mean is the people you love, the habits you’ve formed together. The smiles you share and the games you play.

The odds and ends of life always turn out to be the best bits.

Alex and me have a thing for curling up on the sofa to watch some TV at the end of a long day – and busy evenings with the kids and their friends and everything else going on after work – we don’t usually get there until 10pm. If we’re not watching something together (and at the moment it’s The Handmaid’s Tale – which is another blog post entirely), Alex is so patient and will watch any sort of thing I choose, though he draws the line at hospital emergencies, and so I have to watch them from behind a cushion. Or sometimes I’ll draw and doodle while some film is going on. I’m very annoying – I ask too many questions about the plot, so that’s why I doodle instead.

I usually just draw whatever I can see; all the tiny, familiar but worthless objects that make a world cosy.

It’s nice. It’s boring. It’s love. It’s home.

Hold onto it tightly, and let all the rubbish fall away.


Doodle with me

Doodle with me
my love,
pick up your pen
and draw.
Don’t get out of bed just yet.
Open your heart
with the curve
of your smile,
breathing soft
and breathing slow.
It doesn’t matter
what you want to say.
You don’t have to know.
Let your story
tell itself.
Doodle with me,
my love.

To find out more about the utter genius of Jose Gonzalez – hop over here.


PS: I had this post all lined up for tomorrow. But on a day like today, when our hearts are heavy and our souls sad and weary, we need love poems and pretty clothes and wonky little homemade films, I think.

pretty skirt and belt

Deep Silence/Lost

painting by picassoI was lost
in Picasso
deeply immersed
and you went off
with my camera.
It was interesting
to see
your eye
but at the time
I felt bereft
searing artwork
onto my eyeballs
as photographic memories,
then cross,
and then,
growing ever more
at your being
I can’t speak French
I hate the thought
of my ineptitude
but I was going to have to
find the words
husband/short/glasses/takes your breath away a little
and then there you were
calmly cataloguing
Picasso’s wife.

I have never been so relieved. I leant into you and breathed you in.

We were lost
in Paris
deep silence
between us
no words
and we knew none
and couldn’t be bothered
to speak
save for
cafe au lait
of course
the universal
sign language
let’s go back to the hotel

Trudi Murray 25.4.16

Controlled Burning


I’ve been hanging out with my husband for almost 24 years, after we met at a party. I thought him the most outrageous, irritatingly extrovert but magnetic man on Earth. I can’t get enough of him. He’s going away for months and months. I shall miss him.


Controlled Burning

[for Alex]

It’s the shed
that’s been worrying me
going out at night
to lock the door
with all the things
that lurk
in the veg patch
and the tools
so handy for murder
propped up
against the walls.
With big eyes and teeth?
Don’t mention them,
rats neither.
Tails as long as their bodies.
Stop it.
I’m serious
stop it.
Any living thing arrived upon unexpectedly:
I am not one for surprises
of a squeaking nature.
I could send a child
out there
but I did not set out
to have children
for protection
and it is hard enough
at 42
sleeping with the landing light on
in case one cries out
and I have to shuffle to their aid
at 3am.
Forget the shed.
I ought to be more mindful
of the controlled burning
laying waste to perfectly good scrubland
in order to save
the hot desire
of four weeks’ worth
of dry forest.
Trudi Murray 29.3.16

Cutlery Drawer

We used to sleep
like teenagers
legs & arms
and my hair
like a dark curtain
all night
feet & hands & hearts
sharing the same air
passing back and forth
a warm portion
a shared identity,
jointly surviving
a snow drift
stranded together
after tumbling in an avalanche.
That was just
the sleeping.
Two plastic
toddler spoons
crammed together
in the drawer,
carefree & bright,
with tooth marks.

I am a
polite fork
long and calm
nicely balanced in the hand
excitingly elegant
the tooth marks remain

and you are
one of those knives,
do you know the sort I mean?

you always know
it’s going to be good
when the waiter
comes over
with a hot plate
a knife
with a wooden handle


Trudi Murray



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