History postcards


It’s been an exciting week.

My postcards of women from history (which I’m selling here) were featured by my friends at Folksy.com, and since then have been flying off the shelf. On Saturday, I received three orders in the time it took to brush my teeth!

I’m all organised now after a lot of packing and mailing and all the orders are on their way.

This is one of my favourite designs. I’m very tickled by the blue full stop after the word ‘seriously’. I love that detail! Mary Ann Evans wrote under a pen name – to have her work taken seriously – yes. But women wrote openly under their own names at the time. Mary Ann wanted to differentiate her writing (and she had a body of critical work too, to think of) from what she thought of as the more flippant, romantic genre that her fellow women were producing.

She also wanted to keep her private life private. She had some complicated arrangements.

That’s why I like this postcard, I think. The facts here are just the tip of the iceberg, and the real story is even more interesting.

Thanks so much if you’ve placed an order! I’ve had many encouraging messages and it has been a delight.


PS: My week is looking full of painting. How wonderful – and will I get it all done? What are you up to? Write and tell me 🙂



2 Comments on “History postcards

  1. I love your postcards Trudi! I’m going to put them in a frame on my wall because I just love looking at them. I bet it feels good when people want to buy your work 😊. I’ve just started teaching a group of 6 ladies to sew, which was nerve wracking on the first night but now I can’t wait for the next night. My brain has now become really busy with ideas to try out on them. I hope you have a lovely week Trudi xx

    • Thank you so much! It’s so lovely to hear you like them. Aren’t they beautiful quality – I was very pleased with them! It feels *amazing* when people buy my work. It never gets old! Every time it’s a sort of humbling thrill. I’d LOVE to be in that sewing group. Lucky ladies getting all your ideas! 🙂

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