Malade incurable

illustration pencil drawing male model portrait

Unutterable beauty. Pencil on paper, 1.5 hours.

I’ve got it bad.

Any language, but especially French, and particularly if it comes from the mouth of a sexy, swarthy detective like Gilou Escoffier (from the French TV show ‘Engrenages’ – translated into ‘Spiral’ and now showing again on Saturdays on the BBC).*

He is my absolute favourite.

I’ll suffer any amount of peeping through my fingers at the violent bits, to watch Gilou being almost bad, but oh, actually just so good and sweet. (Why is the line between good cop/ bad cop so attractive?).

The other thing I’ve got bad – perhaps you know this already – is drawing. I think it will be, always and forever.

illustration pencil drawing male model portrait

Tattoo Heaven 🙂

It’s like an addiction. My fingers itch to express themselves in pencil.

We had a brilliant model at life drawing this week. He was tattooed from head to foot. I went into a sort of artistic swoon at the sight.


Charcoal, roughly applied on cheap sugar paper.

I spent a intense few hours studying him minutely, over various different sketches. It’s an odd thing, life drawing, and very humbling to be granted such a privilege.

I was pleased – my final drawings felt satisfying. That doesn’t always happen, but then the more you practice, the more the stars seem to align.

Some maladies are better left untreated.


*Mr Murray can speak French, as well as German. As you can imagine, he is currently using this to his full advantage 😉

PS: I was going to use this blog post to tell you about the fact that some of my ‘Amazing Women from History’ drawings are now available as postcards. I put them online on Friday. However, after an exciting whirlwind of orders from near and far, I am now pretty much sold out! I’ve re-ordered 5x as many (which was quite scary, let me tell you) – I’ll let you know when they’re ready to order again.

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