Chatty catty


Hello, my name is Primrose. I’m a tabby cat, and I like to chat, so they have given me my own TV interview programme.

Trudi Murray - Juliet Mckee Photography-51


I’m overjoyed to start this new series by introducing my first guest, Trudi – an artist and illustrator from London, UK. Welcome, Trudi!

Photo on 19-09-2017 at 20.20 #2

Late night love affair with a TV personality cat. What else is there.


Trudi: Hey, stranger, how’re you doing?
Primrose: (Psst! We have to pretend we don’t know each other, I only got you on ’cause you’re cheap.) I’m fine, thank you. Extremely pleased to have a cat TV show.
T: I’m sure. You also look like you would make a good studio cat.
P: In fact, I am accustomed to art studios. Can you tell me more about yours?

Featured Image -- 2403
T: I share it with a tabby cat. She pads around all day long and jumps on the desk, and wants cuddles. I’m sure you wouldn’t be so demanding.

Artists studio

Is this heaven? 😊

P: (rolling eyes) Are you ready for the questions?
T: Fire away!
P: Why are you an artist?
T: It’s my destiny. And I love pencils and paint.

Trudi Murray artist working
P: What would you be if you weren’t an artist?
T: A professional synchronised swimmer, a model maker for films or a librarian.
P: What do you like to draw the most?
T: Faces. And feelings.

charcoall illustration of man
illustration of loversP: Why do you write? Why not just draw?
T: Actually, writing came first. But I always wanted to see if I could draw too. I sort of knew I could, but didn’t know how to make a start and was too frightened. It turns out that all you have to do is practice. All of it is necessary to my well being. I can’t turn any of it off.
P: And what about painting?
T: Are you serious? I love painting! Perhaps more than anything.

Trudi Murray - Open Gallery 2017-207
P: Tell me about your blog.
T: What, you’ve never read it? It’s fun. I am so fond of it. I’ve been writing it every other day for a year though, and I think I might have to also focus on other things next year. I won’t give it up completely though. I love it too much. I might just scale it back a bit. Will that be sad? I don’t know. We’ll see. I might turn out to be actually addicted to writing it, so you never know, normal service may continue. Anyway, it has been very good for me. I’ve re-found my writing mojo.

Nativity TroublesP: How come you never sit still?
T: Primrose, there’s no time to lose.
P: Tea or coffee?
T: Tea.


(and cake)

P: Favourite colour?
T: Primrose, don’t be ridiculous. All of them.

P: Weights or cardio?
T: Mmmm, tricky, I like both. A mix! As long as there are press ups, ’cause I’m trying to get better at them.
P: Cats or dogs?
T: How can you ask such a thing. I don’t know. Guess.
P: Well, there’s no competition, in my view!
T: Oh, Primrose! Hey, can I ask you something?
P: OK.
T: Have you lost a mouse behind the fridge?
P: I’m not sure. I got distracted by that squirrel again.
T: And, do you miss your brother?


Dear Pippin. 😦

P: Sorry, who?


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