Nothing to see here (yet)


Maybe it’ll be up on Wednesday…

If I survive!

Over and out.


PS: if you haven’t already read ‘All the light we cannot see’, by Anthony Doerr, run, not walk, to the nearest bookshop and buy it. It is incredible. I finished it yesterday, and my heart can’t even begin to start processing it.

7 Comments on “Nothing to see here (yet)

    • Ha ha! No one has ever said that to me before! Mostly they say ‘Are you actually doing anything or are you just watching cat videos?’ 🙂

      • I often sit surrounded by my paints and you must know only too well the chore that is mixing or shaking paint bottles/ removing lids in preparation for a task, that in it self is hard work so I can only imagine the difficulty you face assembling your piece … or are you just watching cat videos 😂

      • Always a bit of both 🙂 I like the ones with cats in silly hats! And yes, this paper cut window is driving me mad now – but I’m almost there and it’s going to be gorgeous (hopefully) 🙂

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