I’m deep in preparations for my annual studio Christmas window.*

It’s the most bonkers thing I do all year, and every year, more and more people stop me on the street and ask when it’ll be ready. Next year I’m wearing dark glasses from about October.

Still, I’m genuinely touched that local people enjoy it, and though it is an insanely time consuming operation, the creative process brings no small satisfaction.* All good.

This week has been trying in some ways, though. An unfair misunderstanding of me on Monday, and a shaky panic on Tuesday. A falling asleep at my desk Wednesday, after two early work-out mornings. And persistent callers at the front door. A bout of hardcore adulting on Thursday.

I sometimes think that surviving adult life is simply about riding the constant swell. Knowing how to just rise and fall on the tide of it. You can’t avoid the detritus in the water – it’s an inevitable part of a broken world. Part of being grown up is simply bandaging up the cuts and scrapes and hurts and knocks, and letting the tide take you once again.

It’s simple, in a way, and incredibly hard, all at once. But generosity of heart and a desire to always move forwards kindly definitely helps.

Cutting out this window design leaves me with piles of offcuts, all over the floor, desk, easel, and every other surface and shelf. Black paper snippets – everywhere!

It’s deeply satisfying at the end, to see that from the wreckage, there is even some beauty in the cuts.


*In case you don’t know (how do you not know??!), the Christmas window is made from black paper and tissue paper. I carefully cut out the design from black paper, stick tissue paper on the reverse, assemble the whole thing on the window, wait until sunset, turn on the lights… Ta Da!

**Last year’s one is here. And very useful to me that blog post has been, too! I usually start by saying ‘How DO I make this thing again?’ 🙂 I even googled my own blog in the art shop last week, to find out what paper I usually use!

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