Lips on you

Illustration girl under tree with flowers

Someone asked me how do I keep thinking of ideas?

Ah. Well. I don’t want to point it out, but what you’re reading here isn’t always exactly thrilling.

I mean, honestly, the amount of times I’ve made you read about what I did in my day, or what’s in my brain.*

But then, who needs constant excitement. I’m quite happy with a quiet life.**

Why change the habit of a lifetime?! Today was pretty regular in so many ways, and I also made this picture*** while waiting for my computer to update (please, God, let it work: it’s had 8 minutes remaining for the last 45).

And I listened to Lips on you by Maroon 5 about a million times. I don’t know why, I just got in the zone of it. (‘Closure’ is great too).

And I played for a long while at lunchtime with the cat and the feather toy, as it was so windy last night and she never goes out to play in such weather. Instead, she just bothered me all day; an excitable bundle of energy, all at sixes and sevens with her usual nocturnal routine.

See? I told you I was boring.



**And the occasional meal out.

***It’s from a sketch I did at life drawing a while ago. I wrote the words from A Midsummer Night’s Dream on it at the time. I’ve been wanting to make it into a proper illustration ever since.

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