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illustration of geek chic girl

I told a little story today on Instagram about how I used to work in libraries. I got a flurry of excited messages, all with heart emojis – I guess it’s a good story!*

I thought of working in libraries today, because I put on a skirt and a shirt and a cardigan and my reading glasses and thought Well hello, Seventies Librarian.

And that’s what started all the reminiscing.

The truth is I’ve been dressing in geek chic, just like a librarian,** since before forever, so working in one (or two) was, I suppose, inevitable.

Which was my favourite library? I did like the main City library, where I worked as a teenager, as there were lots of dashing art students on the second floor, and flirting silently across the shelves of Art and Literature rather made the heart beat faster.

But then at University, I got a job running the Department Library, and oh, the power, and the card index.

Anyway, I’ve been admiring my own outfit all day (well, someone has to). It’s mostly from charity shops. Everything about it works, and when I went out to visit my friend even the flowers I picked from the garden co-ordinated.**

To top it off, I finished my accounts ready for the tax return.

And it doesn’t get more satisfyingly geeky than that.


*If you had a mind to, you could go and watch it Β – you’ll need Instagram on your phone. Find me at trudi_murray and then tap on my profile pic to see the story. I won’t blame you if it’s too much.

**With a certain je ne sais quoi. πŸ˜‰

***Some of them were weeds. I just went out with the scissors and gathered what there was. My elderly friend’s in hospital, and I had to smuggle the flowers/weeds past the reception desk. But she looks a lot better, and she’s out next week!


I took them in this great vase πŸ™‚


9 Comments on “Geek chic

  1. I used to be a librarian in my senior school…I used to love the stamping of the books and the rearranging. I’d love to be a librarian but it’s all done by machine now. I’d have to be one of the librarians who sits with the children and reads them stories.

    • Yes i agree, the machines are soulless. When I am retired I’m going to volunteer to be one of those reading to the children ladies. I already have the wardrobe! πŸ™‚

    • Ah yes! Of course – sorry! Those Instagram stories only last 24 hours, I’d forgotten that. Thank you for finding me anyway, I will try to do more stories 😍. The teacups got a bit obsessive didn’t they?! I have so many πŸ˜†

      • My Aunt used to collect them and gave me one when I was a kid. I treasured that thing like it was made of gold.

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