Illustration property magnateI keep having nightmares about burglars. I’m beginning to check the doors are locked far too many times.

And when that happens, I know I’m already being robbed.

Sigh! It’s time to stop watching the news again, and time to retreat from social media, because there is more than one type of thief.

The first type, the basic sort of thief that might steal your stuff, is often a person desperate for something. And your valuables are the means to their immediate end. Poor, innocent F found that out when his bike got nicked in the first week of University.

The second type, the sort that might steal the spring in your step, and the trust in your heart, is a person who deals in gloom and scaremongering. Frogs on the bottom of a pond in winter are more cheery. You find this sort of thief sometimes at the bus stop, or most likely writing ‘newspapers’.

The third type, the sort that might take away your rights and destabilise your safety and welfare, is always a person more fundamentally interested in the fattening of their own wallet. To what end? Do they really think I care about how important they think they are? Or even worse, how much money they have? Pfft. How ridiculous. I’m much more impressed by people working quietly for the good of others, or challenging injustice, or looking after their neighbours, or cleaning up the mess, or speaking out when all the other voices are silent. None of this comes with reward – usually it just comes with hassle.

But this sort of thief hates getting their hands dirty doing all that good, unpopular, stuff. They just want to be in power over you, and take your money, in one way or another. They like to keep people out. They like to keep people down. They usually don’t care about polar bears either.

I don’t like thieves in any way. I find them all unsettling, but the third sort is the saddest.

They’re swindling themselves, and they don’t even know it.



2 Comments on “Thief

  1. Nice composition on the sad subject. The thief is precariously stacking people’s home on top of each other just to make it easy for himself to eye what to steal, all the while making the slope steeper for the cars. His eyes are so busy and eager that one shows the conjunctiva and the other is doubled. It’s easy to parse yet fun to appreciate.

    • Thank you for seeing all those things! I don’t usually know what I’m going to draw until I draw it, so it’s nice to know it makes good sense 😊

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