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Metadata is the back story of data. Data that explains the data.

So, every technological interaction leaves a trail. There’s a log of who, when, where.

But what it misses is the most fascinating and human part – why.

That’s something the metadata can’t tell you.

Why, for example, am I spending time writing and illustrating this blog every other day? Why did I set myself this year long project, and why haven’t I given up yet?

Why indeed, when there isn’t any real reward for it, in this world where everything is driven by money and influence.

I don’t know, is the answer, because beyond the occasional slice of friendship from a tiny gang of readers, you might say that I stand to gain very little.


The thing is, the truth is, this blog is merely a satisfying creative project. Certainly not a selling tool or some such nonsense. I don’t much mind if you read it or not, though I’m so insanely pleased and delighted that some of you do, from all over the world.

And, moreover, if I didn’t have this blog, I wouldn’t have any means to tell you that late on Saturday night I left my sleeping husband on a bus.

I just left him. I’m not at all proud of this, although I almost am, as it was so funny.

We’d been out, it had been fun, and on the bus ride home he fell asleep.

It got near to our stop, and he was still asleep. I genuinely thought he’d wake up through some sort of internal bus timetable. The stop approached. I rang the bell.

The bus was slowing down. I got up neatly, walked to the door, stepped through the door, gasped a little bit as the doors closed behind me and then giggled as the bus drove off again, with Mr Murray still on it.

How I laughed. I’m not very nice.

But the bus terminated at the next stop, and it was just a funny piece of mischief, though the poor, bewildered (and rather cross) Mr Murray didn’t exactly think so!

Still, I had to make it up to him, something he has enjoyed very much.

The metadata to this post, if it could talk, would tell you I’m just a real person, mischief and faults and quirks and all.

But hopefully, that’s something you have already worked out for yourself.

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