Here is a quick postcard from the land of two days off.

It’s very nice here – the food is good and the lunches are long.


This is the Ivy cafe, in Richmond. Steak (rare) and chips, yes please. It’s my dreamiest place to go, on account of the decor.


Some crumpled reprobate    I met on my day off.

Some bookshop browsing. Some walks by the river.

Some swooning over clothes, some purchasing. (Or, rather quite a lot of purchases. I’d saved up some vouchers from the credit card – do you know the thing, you spend a million pounds on groceries and they give you 1p? It takes ages to build them up, but I consider such vouchers my wages for motherhood. It’s quite gratifying to swop the chore of food shopping for garments once a year).

Look at this stash.


if you consider this photo you will see that the colours match the decor of the Ivy cafe.                    I must go again, more appropriately dressed!

The thing at the bottom is a reversible tunic – with dots on the inside pattern, and pockets. It is, perhaps, perfect.

However, look at this (no apologies for the video lazily imported from my breathless Instagram – well, it is a day off!):

I mean, honestly! The beauty. The first blue one is dark blue velvet and has a low back. Be still, my beating heart.

Yes, the land of two days off is very pleasant.

Out to a jazz/funk concert thing tonight (it’s like I have turned into a different person, I know. Heck, I may even dance, if it’s dark enough).

Wish you were here.



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