Le Salon Prive

Bottle of Krug 1995 illustration

Why DO opposites attract, because it’s very hard keeping it going for decades and decades, when you both like such different things. Mr Murray likes people, noise, different music in every different room, magic tricks, jokes, dancing, going out every night and generally being thrilled 24/7.

I don’t like any of that, apart from certain people some of the time, (ideally via text message), music (but only in a minor key) and dancing when I’m a bit tipsy and have begun to stop caring. Honestly, it’s sometimes hopeless.

There is one saving grace. We both like food.

Which is good, as we first met properly over breakfast.*

So it was that recently we decided that with some urgency, we needed to go out for dinner for the first time since the beginning of Christendom.

Le Salon Prive is quite nearby but we went in a taxi, as we were carrying a bottle of 1995 Krug** and we didn’t want to drop it.

Is this going to be a restaurant review? Not really. It’s more of an ode to love (hard work as it is), as the whole evening was so deeply pleasing, I didn’t take notes. Suffice to say that Le Salon Prive is the sort of little place that’s so wonderfully stylish that it has no need of showing off, and wears its charm casually, like a battered leather satchel. You know the one, it used to belong to Great Grandfather, the famous engineer, and now your son has taken it to University.***

So, I can’t even tell you what I ate, though I think it was a cloud of cheese souffle, with some sort of salad, and then lamb, with pumpkin, and we definitely had chips and green beans too, and Alex had hare. We devoured it all, talking with our eyes as our mouths were too full. Then I ordered coffee instead of pudding. The coffee came in a vintage teacup, and I fell in love with everyone and everything all over again.

The Krug was so delicious it made Alex’s eyes roll back in his head. We sent some down to the chef, who is apparently a fan (of Krug, not my work, though I hope one day to reverse this sorry trend).

Far too much fun on a week night! It was gorgeous. Where are we going next?


Mr Murray looking rather foxy.

*But I’m not telling you that story. 🙂
**Alex won it in a raffle. He paid £3.50. What stupendous luck! Net saving = £296.50.
***This hasn’t happened yet. We bought such a satchel for Felix when he turned 18, in the whimsical hope that he could pass it down. So far so good, he hasn’t lost it in Central London yet.


For a wonderful feast, find Le Salon Prive here




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