An adorable coat

Illustration of girl in green raincoat


Sometimes it’s hard to look forward to Autumn, with its darkening nights and damp gloom, and episodes of the back door sticking in the rain, and the nervous making perils of turning the central heating back on.*

So this year I took action early. I needed a new raincoat anyway. My old one is still spattered with bike oil from when we went on a cycling holiday in 2006. I think it’s served its time. So I went out recently and bought the most charming, most adorable coat I could find. It’s the colour of green grass, and it has toggles up the front like Paddington Bear. When it rains, the water pitter patters on it like on a tent. I love it.

I hope it rains a lot this Autumn.


*It always works, but I get so nervous about turning it back on. What if the radiators explode? πŸ™‚


8 Comments on “An adorable coat

    • Hey! How are you? I imagined you away having an adventure somewhere – turns out I was right! Just read your blog. Sounds amazing. What a landscape and what a fantastic endeavour you’ve created. 😊

  1. “When it rains, the water pitter patters on it like on a tent” hahah haha. That is such an incredible way of describing rains. Do post a picture if you may with you in the raincoat. hahaha. Makes me kind of happy to just read about it.

    • I don’t much like sleeping in a tent as I get so cold! But I do like the sound of the rain on the canvas. If I get a good picture I might – but teenagers are better at selfies than me πŸ˜†

    • Weirdly I don’t mind gas hobs. I grew up with one, and also you had to hold a match to the grill and then blow the flame across! Highly safe. I used to make my Dad toast every morning with this method, and take it through to him in the shop. Aged about 9, I think.

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