Nothing is as it seems

painting of nude with orange hair by trudi Murray

‘Nothing is as it seems’. Acrylic on paper and tissue paper.

It’s so good to be settled back into the routine of life drawing each week. It’s my favourite morning. I don’t know why I like it so much – maybe it’s three hours of unhassled peace in the company of fellow artists, many of them now friends.

Yes, that’s probably it. But is it maybe also the atmosphere of experimentation – the allowing of risks, the thumbed-nose to the rules?

Definitely. In painting, I detest rules. (In life, they scare me, lest I do something wrong or upset someone: go figure).

So it was a breath of air to paint this nude, above. She did look just like that, and she also looked nothing like that. My favourite bit was the orange hair, and then the fingers, which made me grin. Someone asked how do I choose the colours. I don’t. They choose me.

Still, never believe a thing I say when I have a paintbrush in my hand.

Also, I narrowly missed out on tickets for Foy Vance yesterday. Why? I was waiting in the hospital for a child to have an x-ray. By the time I got a phone signal again, the tickets were all sold. 😦

Never mind, we can always listen on the internet and swoon into a tingling faint over the lyrics. Here’s the one I can’t stop listening to. Shiver.


Have a great evening.




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