illustration of sisters with long hair by trudi murray

Because I’ve done it again – made a mad decision to undertake a massive iPad project on the side, and made it extra hard, almost entirely on a whim (as usual), I’ve already made a start on the work.

Because I’m the only person stupid enough who’s going to make this happen, and it’s an enormous task.

In making a beginning, I had to do some research, and I stumbled on the Seven Sutherland Sisters.* I’ve been lost in wonder for a full day or two now.

The Seven Sutherland Sisters were Victorian musical performers, who toured with Barnum’s circus, and crucial to their novel act was their extraordinarily long hair. Highly alluring in Victorian times, apparently.  It’s all so fascinating in so many ways:

They ALL managed to grow their hair this long.
There were seven girls in one family.
They all look so miserable.
They could all sing?
How did they wash all that hair?
Who cleaned out the shower trap?**
Didn’t they all get neck ache?

As you can imagine, I’ve been going round and round pondering all this, but given that it all happened in the 1880s, in America, there are no answers. The only thing I can tell you for sure is that their Father, Fletcher Sutherland, ingeniously concocted a hair tonic, and sold it to the adoring masses, and became rather rich.

I’m showing you this now as a tease. I know, I know, I’m a big meanie. That’s why you love me. I want you to see all the others – 31 of them (oh my!) – in October, on Instagram/Twitter. But you’ll have to do the right thing and wait to see them over there. It’s going to be SO GOOD. You won’t want to miss it.

If you ask me nicely – possibly with cake as a bribe – I might relent and put them over here on my blog too.



*This sort of life enriching discovery is what the internet is for, in my opinion.
**Don’t think about it.


2 Comments on “Teaser

  1. Dear Trudi I was just saying to someone on Messenger today,,that their choice of “likes” on Facebook niches my life! And I guess I’d want to say the same about your continual stream of artwork! I’d like to think that if I put my little paintings on line people would say something nice too. I don’t know what you do to go on those other places, SO PLEASE CONTINUE to put them on Facebook ! Thank you. God bless your endeavours! He has blessed you with a real talent! And you are using it!,well done! Keep me on your list! Love Roger

    Sent from my iPad


    • of course people would say something nice! Your paintings are great. I will continue on FB and here, fear not. you’ll see all the history women for sure. 😃

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