Inktober 2017

ipad illustration of grace darling

I’m planning to take part in Inktober this year. It’s a drawing challenge – a month of daily drawings, in ink. It runs all through October. You make a drawing every day and then share it online. Jake Parker started it in 2009, and like all things worth joining in with on the internet, it grew.

It’s fun to see what people come up with. I enjoyed watching from the sidelines, last year, but was too late to join in, so resolved that 2017 was my year.

There’s a list of daily prompts to get your brain working. I have decided to set myself the fiendishly difficult extra task of linking the prompts to amazing women in history, like the picture I did above. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Not so – I have just spent 15 minutes trying to come up with an historical woman to match with the word ‘Divided’! Ideas welcome in the comments please.

I will manage it – though it might involve bending-the-exam-question-to-fit-the-essay-you-want-to-write, for some of the days!

I’m going to use my new ipad for the drawings – which will be great practice.

Why don’t you join in? Just pick up a pen (in October!), and draw – and if you have a smartphone you can photograph your work and share it online, on instagram, twitter or Facebook, with the hashtag #inktober.

I’ll be sharing my inky October iPad drawings on Instagram – my favourite of all the media channels (apart from this ‘ere blog). Want to follow along? Find me over on Instagram here: @trudi_murray


In other news, young L took part in his first downhill mountain biking race meet yesterday. I was so proud of him! It’s his hobby – off he goes on the train to the forest, with a few mates, on mountain bikes, and all kitted out… and 8 hours later they return, plastered in mud. Then he has a bath and sleeps for a week, and I try to get the dirt out of his jersey.

We’ve never seen him riding. We’ve heard the stories of hair-raising turns and log jumps and lethal drops, but never witnessed it.

There was a race event announced, and L decided to enter. Finally, the day arrived. We went to watch the last leg of a 23km timed course. Finally, his Mother, with hands over her eyes, appreciates the lengths and heights he goes to on two wheels, to catch that adrenaline rush.*

What a dude. He hates photos, but I bought him a hog roast after the race, so we’re quits.



*I’m dreading the motorbike, which seems an inevitable next step.






11 Comments on “Inktober 2017

  1. You are so funny, Trudi! It’s just getting funnier all the time! Perhaps you could do a picture of the fictitious famous young lady in Trial by JURY, the Gand S musical ? Just a thought ! I don’t know how you can dare/ bear to watch L getting down a hill on his bike! Very brave of you! They are very fortunate children to have such an AMAZING mother ( backed up of course by an awesome father!) to care for them and do their washing.,I’m sure YOUR dear mother wasn’t put through all this angst, was she? What dear, loving people they were! Love from a ” concerned” Roger, by the Grace of God NOT a parent!

    Sent from my iPad


    • Good idea on Jury though on closer inspection it is Juicy – I read my own writing wrong! Even funnier – I expect juicy historical women to be legion. No, I was a good girl, (ha!) no angst, or at least not daredevil stuff – but plenty boy related agonies I’m sure 🙂

  2. Oh Inktober, that wonderful time of the year is almost here again! I’ve participated last year, and I’m hoping I can last the whole thing this year too, it’s quite the challenge 😀
    Now to stop thinking about all that hair in the shower… >.<
    I'll make sure to see them cool ladies first over on Instagram, but I think it'd be really cool to also see all of them here at the end of October, in a history filled awesomesoup!

    • Yes it does seem quite a challenge! Just DON’T think about the shower. An easy way would be to realise that they didn’t have showers back then, so I have introduced an unreasonable and unfathomable horror. (Sorry!) I have had several pleas to post the history ladies here too, so I will. I like your idea of awesomesoup – I’ll do it! Going to say hi on IG right now!

  3. I’m participating for the first time this year too! I’m excited, but it’s a little daunting. Fitting it around work and life will be the real challenge. I would love to mountain bike through the forest but I’m not sure I have the courage, good on him!

    • Oh great – I will look out for your pictures. It is daunting, isn’t it. I am starting now and getting a few in the bag – which is cheating I’m sure, but October looks busy and I will go under if not. 🙂

      • I don’t think it’s cheating, you’ve got to make sure life can happen too! I’m looking forward to using new materials too.

  4. Hey Trudi, love your artowrks. Now about inktober, I see that you’re planning on participating. I also plan to do so. I’ve been thinking of starting a little group here on WordPress for fellow inktober participants. You know, sort of a support group, so that no one quite inbetween. Would you like to be a part of it?

    • Hi Nitesh, thank you! Yes I’d love that – thank you for asking me. Tell me how to join the group and I will 🙂

      • Well, We will do the customary praise a bit later, if that is OK with you ( 🙂 ). Are there any other bloggers in your community who are planning on participating in inktober?

      • Yes whenever is OK with me! Mmm other bloggers – I know of a couple. I will have a think about it. 🙂

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