Back on it

illustration of trainer

I thought I’d never get back to being fit.

But at 5.23 this morning, I stumbled out of bed and climbed into my gym kit. If you lay it out on the floor in the right order, the night before, you don’t even need to open your eyes.

And so back off to bootcamp we went, me and Mr M, in anticipation of an ordeal. Oh yes, as we’d thought, it was hard. I discovered that my abs have turned into soft squidgy cake. And my ‘sprinting’ was a sort of stagger.

It’s all in the mind though. I can do it. I know I can.

But guess what – the back ache that’s been bothering me has all but disappeared today. I think that’s because bodies are meant to be moved and used, and it was good to use mine again properly.


PS: Is it bedtime yet? I’m so tired.

PPS: No time to make a proper picture today – so here’s a real time view of my desk. An inky doodle of a training shoe, some practice on hands (drawn in ink, with the end of a twig), and a weird portrait (I think that’s what I look like when asked to do squat jumps).

2 Comments on “Back on it

  1. Even your inky doodles are impressive! Happy Burthday Mr.M! I can’t keep up with all these birthdays ! Love from Roger

    Sent from my iPad


    • Thank you! And for birthday wishes. I made a chocolate cake for him which we had at the weekend with all the cousins, and then the cat jumped up and licked the remainder slice, so the actual birthday was a bit underwhelming. That cat is a menace! But he is Alex’s favourite one 🙂 (though maybe not anymore, after the cake fiasco)

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