If I say one thing today

If I say one thing today, let it simply be to point your attention to the generous, diligent and inspired work of a curious mind – Maria Popova, and her website Brainpickings.

Words hardly describe it. Brainpickings is like a feast for the mind. Just have a look. Maria draws together and explores interesting, thoughtful, intellectual and plain amazing work from all areas of life – literature, art, philosophy, spirituality, maths, science, illustration, anthropology.

It’s incredible. Sign up to the newsletter and every Sunday morning you will receive an email digest of the most extraordinarily intelligent content. I read mine in bed, with a hot cup of tea, when the house is quiet. It makes my brain fizz.

Someone I met, a kind and thoughtful fellow writer, mentioned recently that writers on the internet don’t seem to read, they just want to put their writing out there. That struck me, and I agreed. It’s sad. It’s dumb, actually.

It’s everything that’s wrong in the world.

But don’t worry! Re-dress the balance. Sign up to Brainpickings.

Your brain will thank you.

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