A wish is never wasted

painting of wistful woman by trudi Murray

A wish is never wasted – in progress


Galvanised into action by yesterday’s results, the boy now has a way forward. He’s still bouncing off the walls with joy, and excited to get started. So today I’ve been helping him sort through four year’s worth of studying – piles of paper and folders and notes and binders.

Recycle? Keep? Irrelevant? Useful? You know the drill.

We did pretty well, and it was so nice to chat while occupied in a mundane but weirdly soothing task. He kept stopping, wide-eyed, and saying – ‘I’m going to University!’

A wish isn’t always granted, but a wish is never wasted.

My wishes for today:

Peace. Kindness. More painting. No more attacks. No more hate. Sleep. Wellness. Love.

I wish it all for you, too. xx

PS: I also took my daughter out with me to run some errands. I hadn’t had much breakfast, so I decided we’d stop for a cup of tea (and maybe a biscuit, to get us through until lunch?) when the heavens suddenly opened, like they do sometimes in Summer. People were running in breathless out of the rain, splashing and laughing, and all of us inside were peering out, exclaiming at the fat raindrops bouncing back off the road. In the hubbub, while no one was looking,  I ‘accidentally’ ordered Eggs Benedict and a pot of tea (the milk jug was shaped like a cow. The Fallow Deer* is my kind of place!). Later on, I realised that my current obsession with this Naples yellow colour, above, is now stretching to food – I might start painting with hollandaise sauce 🙂

PPS: And my fervent wish that our boiler would be mended has, I think – maybe – fingers crossed – hopefully come true (though I hardly dare write it!). Thanks, Sam. Good plumbing detective work.

*Have you been to The Fallow Deer cafe in Teddington? It’s very good.


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