Results day


And look at those white Converse! How does he keep them so white?!

The boy did it!

After months of hoops and hurdles – the application form, the personal statement, the interview, the offer of a place (conditional on some dauntingly high exam grades), and then weeks and weeks of tough exams, and a long wait…

The results are in. He did it!

We woke up early, nervous. We’ve been discussing endlessly – is it right to let the boy aim so high, with no back up plan? A prestigious, innovative course, as though made for his inventive, engineering brain. With such a small intake of students, places are highly contested and the stakes were impossibly high. The competition fierce. Would it be better to temper the dream with something more achievable? As parents, oughtn’t we bring a voice of reason?

But… but… it seemed… right. So we didn’t. We agreed with him. We all went headlong and bonkers into it together. At one point, school emailed us, saying they thought this was a rather precarious plan, and probably very unachievable. We emailed back saying, yes, it’s breathtaking, but you’ve got to hand it to him.

Sleep wasn’t easy at many points along the way.

So yes, we were nervous for him this morning, knowing the disappointment that was inevitable, if he fell at the final hurdle.

And we leapt about the bedroom with delight when he came rushing in, clutching his phone, reading out the email – Congratulations! Your place has been confirmed. We look forward to greeting you as a student in October.

Amazing! Yippee!

We went to school later to collect his actual results, but no one really cared what they were!

I would have been writing about young Felix today whatever the result was. I’m so proud of him – his calm vision and single-mindedness has been incredible.

Well done, Felix!

PS: I promise I’ll paint something soon. I just can’t settle to anything πŸ™‚



7 Comments on “Results day

  1. Oh that’s super Trudi, congratulations to Felix 🍾 Where is he off too ?

  2. Calm vision and single mindedness will take him a long way in life. I remember this feeling ( 3 years ago now) nothing can describe it. Well done to your son and well done to you for raising such a wonderful young man.

    • Thank you – it’s amazing to have watched him get this far and then also succeed in his dream. It’s so exciting! 😊

  3. Congratulations to Feliix and well done family Murray.
    Jean S

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