Not my idea

We went to the forest to swing about on the high ropes adventure course in the treetops.

Can you guess, it wasn’t my idea. (!)

We’ve been once before, and the kids love it. They’re old enough for the proper course, and it definitely has an edge of danger. You’re on your own up there. Sure, Bear Grylls would eat it for breakfast*, but it’ll do for me. There were quite enough moments when I was pretty scared. You’re very high up, and you get up there by a rope ladder. And the trees move about in the wind in a way you don’t realise when you’re on the ground. And the platforms you stand on are VERY SMALL bits of wood, perched on the tree trunk.

And there’s only one way down.

I don’t mind you laughing at me (everyone else did!), so here’s a little video. Possibly grainy, but you’ll get the idea. This wasn’t the highest stage but it was a good one!


What you can’t see is HOW TERRIFYING IT WAS. And the way the rope had a lot of slack as you jumped off into the abyss. There was a l-o-n-g moment of freefall!

We had fun, and then, because it’s England, we had a picnic in the drizzle.


*Bear, if you are reading this, get me on your survival show. I dare you!
*If you subscribe by email, you won’t be able to see the video in your inbox. Just hop on over to my actual blog 🙂

5 Comments on “Not my idea

    • Yes, it was quite scary jumping off into mid air! There were several stages where there was nothing to hold onto, just a beam to balance across – above the treetops! Luckily you could cling onto the cable above you – but that was it. And you are responsible for your own safety clips on the wire etc, so you can imagine how much I was checking mine (and everyone’s!) 🙂

  1. My God that was fun, Everything that can kill you is so much fun, eh Trudi. But it is brave to step off the Ramp. Bear Grylls yes, but you seem to be no less. No laughing matter, I always admire the spirit. Kudo Trudi ! way to go.

    • I give most things a try if I can. You’re right jumping off the ramp is the hardest part! Haven’t ever jumped out of a plane but I wouldn’t rule it out entirely. One day maybe! I’m not a daredevil but I do like a challenge 😊

      • To even think of doing it is impressive, Yes that’s what makes you a daredevil, you may not admit it to yourself but you are, I did jump out of crazy things like planes and helicopters and stuff and each time its scary, but then that’s the fun . Three Cheers to the daredevil in you.

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