The sweetness of Holger Marsen

A friend of the highest order,
five times my height and ten times as strong
makes chocolates
and sweet delights
with the lightest touch
in his five star kitchen

a natural salesman,
who can resist
melt in the mouth
and his disarming

– I can’t.
We are all
under his spell.
I could
greedily eat
clotted cream fudge
for the rest of my life.

It’s not just that.
Those days
when we used to
dawdle back
from school
chatting and pushing the bike,
patiently talking me down from the ledge,
always behind me,
always believing in me

and even now
reminding me

I can do it.

when you and Tanja bought that painting,
one of the first,
it meant more than anything to me

and still does,
when I see it in your hallway.

I imagine
you & Tanja
floating at night
on a bed of
chocolate and raspberry ganache

(with mint leaves
in appropriate places).

The unrivalled kindness
of you both
is addictive:

thank you for being the sweetest.*


*in case you were wondering, this includes the too-much-champagne incident, and the driving lessons we will never have haven’t had yet 🙂

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