Light and skippety

illustration of dragonfly on girl's head

Keep your eyes open.


Good things happen. They just do. You can’t stop them. They land like iridescent dragonflies on the top of your head, light and skippety, and they tickle you with their wings.

You have to open your eyes and look for them though, and it’s true, some weeks you have to look harder than others.

Maybe it’s been one of those weeks, maybe it hasn’t.

But in a spirit of determination, here’s a list of good things from my week:

Several commissions running concurrently, each with delights.
Two new paintings, and an idea.
A parcel of submissions posted out to an art director, full of hope and promise.
A shopping list of art materials, burning in my head, which I’m looking forward to buying.
Unexpectedly finding out that being kind doesn’t always fall on deaf ears 🙂
New music: A Blaze of Feather.
Chocolate brownies.
The garden and all my hopes for it.
School’s out!*
Clean sheets.
Texts from a friend, who puts me back together every time.
A walk round the park, watching the dogs playing.
Seeing old friends today who live far away on the other side of the world, and finding again that time between get togethers is always irrelevant.**
My boy Felix is home today after a wonderful adventure, and looking forward to a good meal 🙂

Good things are a choice, but they’re always there. Be light, and skippety, and look out for dragonflies.

*This is good, so good. And also presents a few juggling challenges.
**And, I had the delight of sending two paintings back with my friends to America.


Thank you, Rebecca! I love you xx So nice to see you. You are so faithful and such a good friend to me, always xx


A Blaze of Feather, my new crush: on youtube here! 
Though they will never replace my total best studio song ever: Move like you want by Ben Howard, which always gets me through.

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