My friend, John


Shall we draw houses together? Come over.


A friend.
Carolina’s husband.
I could spend hours
in their company.
I like the twinkle in John’s eyes
and the way he laughs
right from his stomach
I like the designs on his t-shirts
I like his waistcoats
and his stories
and I am a litte bit in love with his wife
John and Carolina and I
share the same
humour & zest
a droll sense of the ridiculous
I have never met
another adult
who will go with me
on a fantastical
and enjoy it,
and truly join in.
Children, yes.
Adults, no.

Except John.

Several people
have asked me
will I teach them?
Will I teach classes in drawing and letting go?
Always no,
always doubting
my own ability.

But it came up again
last night.

Teaching John?
It would be like teaching myself.
It would be so much fun.
It would be more like messing about.

John? are you reading this?
Did you find me online?
(Are you amazed?!)

Let’s do it!
Come round for tea
with Carolina
and let’s draw


Or shall we draw donkeys? I love donkeys!



2 Comments on “My friend, John

  1. I had a smile from ear to ear all the time when I read this post. I truly think John will be an amazing student and admire his love for children. You described him and my sister perfectly. Amo!

    • Glad you liked it! Your sister and John are very special people. I love them very much. xx

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