On my desk today

mother and child photo

On my desk today, a gorgeous picture. Treasure.

In the 90s, you had to go to a photo booth in the shopping centre to get a selfie with your baby. You had to pick a time when the baby was awake, happy and not likely to cry, leave the pram outside, wind up the seat to the right height, squash in together, pull the curtain.

Feed in the coins. Hope the flash didn’t blind the child, try to smile. Stand for five minutes with the baby on your hip, waiting for the photo to print out.

I only did it once.

This is the result. It’s too precious for words!

And, this photo, years later, on my paint splattered desk, at the end of a day going to see about lovely new work, and writing and painting?

All the dreams I ever had, come true.

It’s amazing, and I’m grateful.


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