In it together

a cancelled train
rather inconvenient
i changed plans
and we ran
for a new option
like so many others

all of us
from Platform 1
with suitcases
and bags
hoping to pick up
down the line,
all of us
we all crammed on
to a local service

mentally calculating
our chances

as luck would have it
the guard
radioed ahead
to the
London train
at York
– wait
– I’ve a carriage of extras
– wait

at York
we spilled out
but –
oh – there it is!
the London train
dwarfing the platform
marking time,
champing at the bit
ready to leave –

this is too easy
is this it?
is this ours?
is this the train for London?

all of us
from Platform 1
suitcases and bags
a tangle of hesitation

then scrambling on
hurry hurry
take a seat

i’m still unsure
picturing us
ending up
where we started
i’m kneeling on a seat
peering out of the window
is this right?
not yet committed

i glance up
a man
from our number
looking worried
looking at me

i turn to him
and smile
i say:
London, right?
palms open
brow furrowed –
he says:
i hope so
so do i
i say

if it’s not right,
i say
as the train pulls out,
countryside blurring
a wash of green
if it’s not right,
i say,
we’re in it together,

he grins,





2 Comments on “In it together

    • You may. It was quite an adventure, for half an hour, racing down the line to try to meet the fast train! When we did meet it, none of us could quite believe it, but it worked out in the end 🙂 Home again!

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