To do list

to do list

A busy day ahead.

Quite a lot in here, including some worrying things.

Most pertinently, the mouse.

I might get round to a proper blog post, but I offer you this as an explanation if not.


8 Comments on “To do list

  1. I can rely on you for a regular smile! Good luck with the 🐭 … Amanda (Steve’s other half!)

    • Hi Amanda! Thank you, I’m glad you are enjoying. Mouse situation ongoing. Everything else proceeding splendidly. Proper blog post in an hour or so – hurray! I find writing them helps me do other work. Like a tea break but more productive 🙂

    • Maybe I should! I don’t know what to do, I can’t get the mouse out. it will probably just die under the dresser 😦

      • I have a big Rottweiler Trudy who thinks he is a little puppy, he kills mice in the house if they happen to enter. He will just wait till they decide to make a dash for it and then he does the job. (smiles). Maybe you should consider getting some mice killer like that.

      • Maybe! The cat’s patience was rewarded though. He sat there all night, I think, waiting for it to come out. Just now, when I came home, there he was with it – triumphant. I let him have it (I usually try to rescue them), because if I took it off him after all that time, he’d only go out and get another one 😦 The instinct is strong!

      • Hahahaha . excuse my rude laughter Trudi, but that was my first reaction on ” I try to rescue them” bit. Hahahahha . Hahaha. Kinda sweet gesture though.

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