On your bike

illustration of riding my bike by Trudi Murray


The best way to travel.

Is there any other?

Out in the fresh air, the sunshine all around you.

Under the gentle trees you go, through the park to town.

Are you going from A to B? Or are you simply riding for the joy of it?

No matter.

The breeze on your face will be the same.

Your heart will beat that little bit quicker.

The road will rise to meet you, with a smile.

Come for a ride with me.


*This blog post is for artalexiusr, who asked for it a while back. Anyone else got an idea? This could be fun! If I like your idea, and it resonates, I’ll draw you a picture and write you a poem. Send me an email to trudi@trudimurray.com – I love getting emails. Go on, send me one. Β It’s nice to get them πŸ™‚

PS: I always wear a helmet on my bike! But it looks stupid, so I left it out. So there!

14 Comments on “On your bike

  1. Here goes…today I saw some beautiful mottled shadows below my feet and dotted white clouds against brilliant blue sky. Cheers. Jean Simmonds

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  2. My God, I am so happy. Really really happy. Trudi you are my friend. I appreciate it with all my heart that you remembered. You made my week. I owe you now my friend. God bless you.

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