Village green weekend

illustration classic car trudi Murray
On Saturday, I suggested we pop into Richmond, mainly because I suddenly thought I couldn’t go another minute without seeing the lovely old houses on Richmond Green.

The sun was shining and it was as pretty as I’d hoped, with bicycles leaning against the wrought iron railings, and window boxes full of flowers. People were lounging on the green, watching the cricket and eating their lunch, which seemed like an excellent plan, so we did some quick shopping and picked up some sandwiches.

It was so warm in the sun, and we sprawled on the grass with our impromptu picnic. The boys had fun trying (in vain) to explain cricket to me. We shared some crisps. It was lovely watching the world go by.

illustration of classic car by trudi Murray
Then on Sunday, it was the Hampton Village Classics car show on our own village green, just at the end of our street. It was so good this year, with lots of shiny classic cars parked right there on the grass, and their owners to talk to and ask questions. Their answers were enthusiastic and… very comprehensive, as I quickly found out. I discovered I had fewer questions after asking that first one!

How pleasant to wander round, chatting and laughing in the sun, with some wine in a plastic cup. All the local eateries had a stall, and we went up and down the row, choosing our lunch.

illustration of classic cadillac by trudi Murray

I met a friend or neighbour at every turn! What a lovely event, with everyone out in the sunshine together, and kids running about, and live music, and some eccentric and wonderful stalls. I had my eye on a handmade tapestry cushion made by the ladies of St Theodore’s. I wanted it because it was *so* wonky, and not a perfect square (nowhere near!), and I thought it was so delightful, but when I ran back with the cash, someone else was buying it (silly me – it was also insanely cheap, as well as being quirky and beautiful).

The lady behind the stall was so pleased that I had wanted it too, though sad she’d just sold it, and she told me to come to the church fair in November, by which time she’d have stitched another to sell to me. I hope she doesn’t measure it too carefully.

I love living in Hampton.

5 Comments on “Village green weekend

  1. Two things.. One, is that the sweet little cats you intend are happily living it’s my friend in Stockport, who used to have two cats ( sadly no more!) and she LLVES your little pictures, so that was a good gift!

    Two, your mention of the quirk cushion reminded of the quirky cushions I saw for sale in a shop in Grasse last year, which were quite similar to your paintings . I’m not sure if I sent you a photo of them. I certainly stopped and took a photo of them, and thought of you !

    I’m in Switzerland now, in a effect Alpine village surrounded by Old chalets and with the river from the glacier rushing past my bedroom window! Glorious sunshine too of course . Lets hoping it stays that way for my whole time here!

    I will be painting soon , maybe even this very evening, but not quirky! I’m very staid!

    Love Roger

    Sent from my iPad


    • Two more things…
      1) How lovely! I’m glad she likes them!
      2) You will never be staid, it’s impossible.

      Have a great time, hope the sun shines all week and you meet some good people.

      Love trudi

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