404 Not Found

You’re home
and I know
you need to sleep
nothing like your own bed
after a long week away
and another trip
on Monday
I know you need to
do your laundry
reorganise your suitcase
count the Euros
and check in to your next flight
to Holland
or Germany
or wherever it is you go
doing business
in a different language
but did you know
this morning
I woke up early
and padded down
to feed the cats
I made some tea
while they twined
affectionate and purring
round my bare legs
I ate Greek yoghurt and honey and strawberries
looking at the garden
and they jumped up
and touched noses
and rubbed heads
with me
sweet babies
I brought the tea back to bed
and drank it
next to you
and then I had a shower
in the clean bathroom
I washed my hair
and put on
some brand new knickers
fresh from the box
at the end of the day
i took them off
and put them in the laundry basket
they were nice to wear
so p-r-e-t-t-y
and even though
at one point
i invented a phantom
pain in the butt
and hoiked up my dress
to show you
you still didn’t
notice them
for goodness’ sake man
i’m never ironing your shirts again
*The 404 Not Found error message is a Hypertext Transfer Protocol standard response code, in computer network communications, to indicate that the client was able to communicate with a given server, but the server could not find what was requested.

4 Comments on “404 Not Found

  1. Cause of HTTP 404 Errors
    Technically, an Error 404 is a client-side error, implying that the error is your mistake, either because you typed the URL incorrectly or the page has been moved or removed from the website and you should have known. ( SMILES )

    • Oh, that just makes it even better! Thank you, that’s hilarious! I love it. I guess my instruction wasn’t clear enough. Maybe I mistyped. I will try harder next time to be crystal clear (which in fairness was what he said too when he’d stopped crying and laughing) 😊

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