Come celebrate with me

Trudi Murray - Open Gallery 2017-24

That’s what I’d said to everyone – come celebrate. I’m having a party to start the Open Studio weekend. Come along!

No one actually knew how big a deal it was. For me, it was huge. I wanted to mark my natural progression from sharing the show with someone else, to running my own shebang. From being the one with the timid voice, grateful for any tiny crumb of recognition, to being the one up front. I wanted to say – this is it. I’ve built this, from nothing, through sheer determination alone, and I’m doing it and you can’t stop me, and nor am I going to stop myself.*

Obviously, the way to do this was a party and a killer outfit and bare feet.

Trudi Murray in the studio

But, you know, it’s not easy having a party if you don’t actually enjoy parties. Or at least, you usually do when you get there, but you also own a badge that says I’m sorry I’m late, I didn’t want to come, and that’s it in a nutshell. So when it’s your OWN party – so important to you, so meaningful – phew. You have to take the preparations bit by bit and hide your passport.

I bought something to wear, which is the understatement of the decade. Gosh, I love that outfit. It has pockets, for a start. I gave myself an hour to find something in Anthropologie. It was like a sartorial supermarket sweep. I tried on a million dresses at lightening speed. No. No. Yes… but, no. No. No. No. Yes, wow, I’ll have that anyway. No. No. Yes? To the assistant: Yes? OMG YES, madam. Credit card. Done.

Trudi Murray - Open Gallery 2017-18

You would think that actually making the work would be the scariest part, but people, that’s easy. That’s what I do. I had heaps of it, all ready to show. It was fun, dressing up my kitchen to be like a gallery, and it looked so pretty you wouldn’t believe. I didn’t want it to be pretentious/fancy/posh and arty farty. Heck, there’s enough of that in the world already, and it’s not me, anyway. I wanted friendly, fun, and cheeky but serious, which is basically my motto. I wanted something for everyone, lots of magic and plenty of style.

a kitchen gallery by Trudi Murray

North star paintings trudi Murray

prints trudi Murray

painting trudi Murray

cat ornament painted by trudi murray

houses painting painted by trudi murray

drawings trudi Murray

mouse ornament painted by trudi murray

north star paintings by trudi murray

I loved the mixture of more expensive paintings propped next to sweet £5 decorations to pop in an envelope and send to a friend. The sort of thing I paint for fun of a rainy afternoon with the radio on. And indeed, over the weekend I sold all of those little things to delighted customers stocking up on their present drawers.

I kept a few kitchen things hanging around, because you know, cooking spoons are quite beautiful to look at.

And as famous as I might one day become, I hope and expect to be always selling treasure from a cardboard box. That’s the way I roll.

box of treasure with paintings inside

I ordered flowers from Annie’s organic cutting garden, just up the road. They were so beautiful, and meeting Annie – a fellow rebel with a kindred spirit – was meant to be. When she suggested she arrange the flowers in my paint water pots, that was it, I fell in love with her. Take my money now.

Garden flowers by Annie jenkins

La reine Mathilde by trudi Murray

pretty garden flowers


Garden flowers by Annie Jenkins


And you can’t have a party without people, and I know some lovely ones!



Trudi Murray - Open Gallery 2017-122Trudi Murray - Open Gallery 2017-101Trudi Murray - Open Gallery 2017-105Trudi Murray - Open Gallery 2017-102Trudi Murray - Open Gallery 2017-141Trudi Murray - Open Gallery 2017-135


Trudi Murray - Open Gallery 2017-154Trudi Murray - Open Gallery 2017-155Trudi Murray - Open Gallery 2017-133Trudi Murray - Open Gallery 2017-149

Oh, boy, I smiled and talked so much to so many friends my face began to ache.

Trudi Murray - Open Gallery 2017-156


And then I made a (very short) speech.

Trudi Murray - Open Gallery 2017-165

And then I was saved (and embarrassed) by an impromptu speech by Roger, who knew me when I was 10, and who travelled miles specially for a glass of champagne, and to celebrate with me.

Trudi Murray - Open Gallery 2017-167

Trudi Murray - Open Gallery 2017-166

Oh, Roger. You are so sweet.

Trudi Murray - Open Gallery 2017-169

Oh, Roger, you are also ridiculous, and I have always adored you.

Trudi Murray - Open Gallery 2017-170


Then we did studio tours, and carried on as the sun went down, but more on that, and the rest of the weekend, in Part 2 tomorrow.

Trudi Murray - Open Gallery 2017-103Trudi Murray - Open Gallery 2017-82Trudi Murray - Open Gallery 2017-81


Trudi Murray - Open Gallery 2017-5



Thank you for coming, everyone. It was great to share it with you.


*There was a point when I almost did, around January. But now I have an outfit to wear again 🙂 Anyone want to go out to dinner?

All photos (aren’t they amazing!): Juliet Mckee
Flowers: Annie Jenkins, who has a garden and not a website, sensible woman.

10 Comments on “Come celebrate with me


    I am so sorry I didn’t make it. It was one of those weekends – out Friday night, virtually all of Saturday, cricket match followed immediately by school fair all day Sunday and then flopped Sunday night. I even drove past your house at some point with the intention of a flying visit but then saw the time and the “sensible” me (don’t see her very often!) made me sadly drive on as I realised I would otherwise be very late for wherever I was on my way to.

    I am so very pleased that all your hard work paid off and I am already looking forward to next year when I will most definitely, hopefully, come.

    Sarah x

    PS – have missed you in class – do try and come along next week as all the money is going to charity – it’s also the last one of term. PPS – LOVE your outfit!


    • Thank you, Sarah! Don’t worry, maybe you can come for coffee one day instead. I’ve missed class too! Yesterday was quite overwhelmingly full, and I thought, if I took yoga out, how would I feel? And I felt sad, but more able to breathe, so I didn’t come! Next week for sure! xx

  2. I love this Trude! What a happy time and you look gorgeous. Xx

  3. Stunning! Lovely! Thank you Trudi! For your kind loving words! I’m SO glad I came. And Mary LOVED it too. What an achievement . I’m sure the family “up North”will have been very impressed with their sister’s success! Maybe one day my dear sister will do the same in Chelsea and you can go to her’s ! Love form Kent, en route to Switzerland! Roger

    Sent from my iPad


    • Hurray! Well, you know, one brother said Wow you have a proper job! They are keeping it real as only brothers can. Ha ha! love, Trudi xx

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