sketchbooks in artists studio

Sketchbook heaven

A sketchbook is an intimate place. You might think you know me a little, from reading this blog, and perhaps you do, honest and artless as I am. But there’s a lot more besides, of course, and in my world, most of that gets chronicled in some form – either drawings or snippets of writing or poems – and usually in my sketchbooks.
If following this blog is like reading my diary, then looking through my sketchbooks must then, I guess, be the equivalent of rifling through my knicker drawer.
This had never occurred to me until this weekend, when at the very last minute before the Open Studio event, I grabbed some full sketchbooks from the shelf and spread them out on the worktable, thinking just to fill a space; almost like a decoration.
Never did I imagine they would be so compelling. Every group of people I took up to the studio fell upon them with delight. There were gasps and giggles and much hilarity. People actually wanted to *read* them, leafing through all the pages, not just the ones I’d opened. Some people settled in for the long haul, chortling and snorting with laughter, and exclaiming at certain drawings in wonder and amazement (I hope it was that, rather than horror). I was astonished. They were having the same reaction that I feel on entering a posh lingerie shop: bedazzled, wanting to touch everything, drawn in, intrigued, fascinated, and sometimes mildly puzzled.
It was scary though. My whole life is in those sketchbooks. My mind was racing, trying to remember if *that* drawing was coming up next (oh god, which book is *that* drawing in?!). It was not dissimilar to showing your parents in law the holiday photos, and suddenly remembering those frolics on the veranda when the children were asleep.
I think I got away with it, and almost every guest seemed genuinely pleased and grateful to have had access into my world and studio for a wee while. It was humbling for me too – and so validating, and somewhat lovely. I enjoyed it very much, and hope I made a few new friends along the way. And the cash till rang off the hook, and paintings large and small flew out of the door, all weekend. Hurray!
So many stories – but I’m 100% tired today, and feel slightly hungover on adrenaline and the intensity of being open to all comers for three days. There will be beautiful photos, and stories galore, and blog posts for the rest of the week. I can’t wait to share it all with you.
But now, I’m off out on my bike in the sunshine.
Have a good day!
Trudi name handwriting

14 Comments on “Sketchbooks

  1. A bike ! that is interesting. May I request you to kindly write about that sometime, may be with a pic of the bike. ( smiles )

    • OK Alexius, I will! But it is just a bicycle – did you think it was a motorbike? I wouldn’t mind a ride on a motorbike, however. πŸ™‚

      • I know Trudi that u meant a bicycle, my mind made an imagery of you on a bicycle and happily paddling away. That is a happy thought. ( smiles ). I love superbikes too.

      • Ah I see! My bike ride was very happy, through the park just down the road, where King Henry the Eighth used to hunt. There are still wild deer running about – I saw a couple of amazing stags with antlers, and a lot of baby deer in the bracken.

      • Must be an amazing place for a ride, something to write about I am sure. Whenever you wish to ride through the Himalayas, we can team up.

      • Are you in the Himalayas Alexius? Sounds quite hilly to me though, would my bike manage it? 😊 Or my legs?!

      • HaHaHa, I run a company which is into adventure tours, we can always have motorbikes. Everything on the house my friend.

      • Bless you. That sounds cool! Great job to have. You must have an adventuring spirit.

      • Ah I see. Yep, me too (outdoors, not ex army! Though at bootcamp fitness classes I like to pretend I’m in the SAS, and the world depends on me getting to the end of this set of squat jumps, just as way of surviving it) πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Trudi! It sounds like you had a very busy weekend! I would be spent after something like that. Is this the first time you’ve opened your studio for touring/business? I am curious as to how you advertised it? I’m glad you were blessed with sales and made some new friends! πŸ™‚

    • Hi! Yes, it was the first time, and very good it was too. I was taking part in a borough-wide event, where all the artists in the area open their studios. But I advertised it like crazy on Facebook, instagram, locally, in person… phew! Worth it though!

      • Well, I am glad it was successful. One of these days maybe I will have a place to call my studio once at least one of the kids is all the way moved out! So happy for you! πŸ™‚ I just got on instagram, but don’t have much there yet.

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