edge of painting by Trudi Murray on wooden panel in styled shot

‘Black Thorns’

I dropped a couple of paintings off at Kevin’s for his exhibition*.

It was just me and him for a little while, and we had a funny chat, setting the world to rights as we usually like to do. I think Kevin should be Chancellor of the Exchequer and I’ll be the PM.

Our main manifestos would be yoga (or pilates, OK, that’ll do fine) and kindness and good coffee and art materials for everyone.

We talked about the weather, the news, the river, our kids, someone we both know. We didn’t even really get started on the political heat in the UK right now; the actual heat provided enough stories for one day.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, in a rare moment, a flash of approbation came my way.

But he’s wrong.

He’s the humdinger.


*Not this one in the photo, though. You can see this in person at my own exhibition.

3 Comments on “Humdinger

  1. Trudi – do you go to an art class? If so, what and where and is there any space for a newbie?

    Drawing and painting has been on my mind a lot and I would love to be able to fit it into my week if I can (not sure how though!). Having done a few sessions at my daughter’s school drawing and painting scenery – the yellow brick road, poppies, a corn field and the Emerald City (!) I have realised just how much I enjoy it and miss it! (It’s only been 25 years….!). So this is a very tentative and slightly scary (it also feels very self indulgent) first step….!


    • I’ve started going to kevin chapman’s life drawing sessions again – it’s not tutored but when i started years back, he did tutor me as the group was in session (in fact I learnt almost everything from kevin!). He also does painting on a Tuesday, drawing classes – and he is a genius and a great (eccentric) teacher. He caters for all abilities and welcomes all. Exciting! Have a look at this link here, and pop into the studio over his open studio week.

    • Sarah, an amendment to my last comment! The more I think about it, the real situation with the life classes is that they’re not tutored if you don’t want want tutoring. And if you do want to be taught, then that’s what you get and can ask for! But Kevin teaches by helping you to teach yourself. He is very keen on ‘no rules’ – which is what I loved right from the start as I don’t like being told what to do! ha ha. But the mood is similar to your ‘this your practice’ vibe (which I also LOVE) 🙂 xx

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