Love somebody

charcoal drawing of female model


Wow, I think I’m actually melting.

It is so hot, (in the 30s again!) and so difficult to do anything productive at all. I have to make a birthday cake, so cycled up to the supermarket on my bike, and spent quite a lot of time standing next to the chiller cabinet.

I would have got in, if I could.

Outside, at the bike rack, I had a long discussion with an old man about my bicycle panniers. (Lidl, £10). The sweat was dripping off his nose onto the ground as he bent over to inspect them.

The little children in the precinct were whooping and shrieking, running in and out of the fountains in their pants.

The mothers sat watching, in sunglasses, with legs stretched out.

The guy who used to sweep our street raised a languid arm to wave as I pedalled past, and only just managed a smile, which is unlike him.

I tried to get home expending as little energy and yet creating as much breeze as possible. I sang maroon 5 songs all the way.

Don’t judge me. It’s the heat.*


*It’s actually not. Maroon 5 are cool.
** This drawing was from life class yesterday.  I like it a lot.

5 Comments on “Love somebody

  1. Hello Trudi Can you hear me? Roger

    Sent from my iPad


  2. The more I see your work ,stronger becomes my realization that there is a way you catch the emotion in the gaze. Not a lot of people are gifted with that. I ease of the flow of your lines are another indicator of your gift. Happy to see your Art Trudi.

    • Oh, thank you Alexius! That is kind of you and means a lot to me. I do enjoy getting the emotion in the eyes – somehow it just comes if I feel it first myself. Flow of lines – yes, but mostly by practicing letting go of that tension and being free 🙂 Thank you thank you

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