painting of woman in progress

I carried on with this charcoal drawing/painting today. I had some house paint right there, so I just got started with that. Then some pastels. More charcoal. Acrylic.

It’s looking pretty weird, but it’s definitely got rhythm. It’s also giving me the right feeling – that feeling – I can’t really describe it … sort of a cheeky feeling, something approaching rebellious and impulsiveness.

It’s a good feeling! Perhaps the best. I got it strongly when I went to see the Royal Academy Summer Show this week in Piccadilly. There was some stuff I loved, but the niggly thought that I was in an extended episode of the Emperor’s New Clothes, with a lot of extras all paid £50 to scratch their chins to look more intelligent, and say Hmmm… made me want to do something naughty.

It also made me determined to get some work in to that show even more. I tried this year, but now I see my submission was too nice. Too polite. Too asking for permission.

I also see it was just as good as any of the rest.

Ha ha!

I’ll keep going on this girl. I guess I’m going to make her skin less green, but let’s see.

🙂 Have a good weekend.

Love, Trudi


8 Comments on “Rhythm

    • Hey, thanks Alexius. It always does when I get this feeling 🙂 I think it is me just being the truest sort of me – know what I mean? It’s elusive though. I wish I could bottle it.

  1. Awww she has a dislocated shoulder. I like it tho. You always use happy colours 🌈

    • Yeah, because she’s not finished yet! She is going to be really pretty, even the shoulder :). Colour = everything to me.

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