My own space

Trudi at the easel working

I was cleaning the studio today ready for next weekend. Wow, it was a tip, and dusty on top.

I found several old pieces of work I’d forgotten about, and threw out quite a lot of drawings that made me wince.

Anyway, now all is sparkly and neat.

It’s my own space at the top of the house and I am the king of it. I am so fond of it. It’s lovely, and the light is wonderful.Β If I died*, you’d just have to come and stand in here, and you’d know who I am.

I guess if I wasn’t here you could read this blog too, for completeness. It’s such a good way of exploring things and illustrating my own self. Isn’t every creative thing just a sort of self portrait anyway? I don’t know, but I am so fond of this blog; it’s like a conversation and a journal all in one. I’m glad I started posting more regularly. It’s been very interesting.

On that note, perhaps the reason why I’ve been writing here Every. Single. Day lately (sorry) is just a necessary distraction from the fact that I’m so stupid scared about this Open Studio weekend.

Inviting people into my own space feels like inviting people in to my own self.


Another deliberate distraction is this charcoal drawing I’m working on. A little bit every day. Who is it? I have no idea. Someone nice, though.

charcoal drawing on easel
It’s also so messy.

hand with charcoal fingertips


I’m going to paint it too. I can’t wait. It’s the sort of work I lie awake thinking about.


*I’m not planning on this, there’s too much to do!



8 Comments on “My own space

  1. We should all have our caves. Not only men folk lol πŸ˜‰

    • No, it’s a board with about 3 paintings on underneath! When i’m not happy with them I just paint them over. So, this is white gesso (or house paint, whatever is to hand) between each failed painting, and then sandpapered to rough it up a bit. The last cover up layer, which is the pinky colour, had a splodge of old pink acrylic in it, because that was left on my palette! Plaster is a great idea though, will try it!

      • Yes try plaster , also try wood charcoal grinded and mixed with acrylic gel medium. Once it gets dried you may gesso it and then you will have a great textured surface.

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