The Art Prize

Trudi Murray - Juliet Mckee Photography-113

I had the idea for starting an annual art competition at my local school. It’s been so exciting!

The teacher and I have been organising it, and we decided on a theme of Our World, because that can encompass – well, everything and anything. We didn’t set rules, ’cause this is an art competition, and rules aren’t welcome.

Hurray! This is my kind of gig.

The prizes are very good quality art materials, to encourage and inspire. It’s so good to use proper stuff, and we really shouldn’t palm kids off with useless materials that haven’t got enough pigment in them.

But… I was still pretty nervous that no one would enter!

I went back to school last week to see the entries.

There were millions! Drawings, paintings, 3D sculptures. It was amazing.

It made my heart ache to choose, but I had to. At one point, I put my head on the table and cried a little bit. It was so hard. I hate to be the one to disappoint.

But… on I went, and eventually, I’ve whittled down the entries to a list of winners – thoughtful young visionaries all.

I spent ages picking out the prizes, and they all arrived today! Wow, the box is so heavy. I’m going to bundle them all up with ribbons, and maybe instructions to please WEAR AN APRON in case the parents come after me with dry cleaning bills, and the grand prize giving is next week.

I can’t show you any photos – children/internet safety and all that sensible and necessary stuff. You’ll just have to imagine – both my great joy, and hopefully theirs.



4 Comments on “The Art Prize

    • Yes, good idea! Go for it! I think if we can inspire kids to keep on expressing themselves creatively, then the future will be OK! Children need to know that that spark inside them is good, and not to stop creating. And, giving them great materials is important, I think. It’s been pretty exciting.

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