A little progress

ARTDo you remember I was making some huge 3D letters as a bit of fun for the Open Studio event? Well, I’ve been slowly plodding onwards, a little bit every day, in amongst everything else.

Here’s where I’m at – nearly there! Still a little (or maybe a lot) to do. The R is held up with my crutches (nice not to need them anymore), which I might change. I’m not sure they are bold enough, though I love the sentiment.

I made another T first, but it fell apart and I got mad and stamped on it. Attempt #2 is stronger!

It’s all made from recycled bits and pieces, papier mache and cardboard boxes, and painted with odds and ends of house paint, mixed with dried up acrylic paint which I did a spell on to bring it back to life.

I plaited the braids for the R from old shirts, and material from my cupboard of scraps, then I weaved the plaits together onto chickenwire using a chopstick as a needle.

It’s all a bit homespun, but then I’ve been making it up as I went along. It’s like a poem.


I really like the way there’s a shape on the A that looks like a pair of pants! I might exaggerate that some more. I didn’t see it until I took the photo, which incidentally is a good way to spot things – through a lens.

The next thing I’m going to do ( I only thought of this today, I told you I was inventing stuff as I go), is to write down all the names of all the people who’ve ever sent me an email, encouraged me, bought my work, commissioned me, sent me happy messages, chatted about my blog, asked about paintings, sent me love, brought me stuff to make art with, sent me photos of my paintings on their walls – all of you. Yes, dear lovely reader, you’re probably on the list. I am grateful for you all, and it will be a long long list. I’m going to post all those names right into a slot in one of these 3D letters and then seal it up, like a time capsule.

I do hope it will all still be standing for the party on the evening of the 23rd because tears and champagne don’t mix.


Be happy.


Love, Trudi


7 Comments on “A little progress

  1. You know what Trudy, creativity is the greatest rebellion , that can ever be. So from one rebel to another, good work.

    • Ha ha, me too! I’m going to make them look even more like pants. I giggled when I spotted it.

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