Kissing in the long grass


illustration of lovers


It’s easy to forget that kissing in the long grass is a thing, delicious as it is.

It’s the sort of blue skies Summer afternoon lazy lying in the park love that you get away with now and then. Warm skin and cold ice cream. It turns golden in your memory.

I want some more of it.

Take me kissing in the long grass again.



Disclaimer: I don’t know who the man in my illustrative romantic fantasy is. If it looks like you, call me* I’m sorry, no likeness intended.

*Mr M. is away again, but he’s very protective and of fierce Scottish blood. He has a kilt, and he’s not afraid to use it. On second thoughts, don’t call me 🙂

Addendum: he’s quite sexy though, that guy in my picture. And young. Gosh, whatever has come over me. Perhaps he’s one of those guys from the Greek island. Perhaps he’s the gardener from the end of the road. Perhaps I’ll have a cold shower.





5 Comments on “Kissing in the long grass

  1. Looks kike Poldark to me, ooh I’m getting a little flushed. Can’t wait till it comes back on next week.

    • You know, I’ve never watched it! Perhaps I’d better not, I might explode 🙂

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