A broken cup

illustration of a broken teacup


It was bound to happen one day.

I broke my teacup. You know, the only one I drink from – the perfect one – the pretty yellow and blue one with pink and white flowers. It’s got a wide, fine lip, and it makes the tea taste just so, just right. I’m sure it makes it hotter, brighter, more delicious. The one Jen gave me. The one I love.

That one.

Beyond mending, I swept it into the bin.

I’ll have to search for another. it might take a while. I am particular; the colours will have to be right but I suppose it will be fun, looking.

I dropped it anyway because I’m really tired today – still overwrought and heart heavy from the news. I didn’t sleep well again.

So, then I went to life drawing, where I was greeted by a big hug from Kevin, congratulating me. They’ve put my painting on the back cover of the Open Studios brochure. Kevin’s opening his studio too, as usual, so he’s got all the promo brochures there on his desk, and had been reading them.

I spotted it a mile off, straight away, he said. There’s only one of you, dear Trudi. I suppose this is true! The painting’s a self portrait – it’s got big green eyes and is sort of smiling and crying all at once.

Kind of weird that they want that on the back, but I was pleased Kevin had seen me in my painting.

Anyway, then I got embarrassed all over again because in the blurb for the brochure all the artists taking part had had to write a little bio. I hate those art things – so in a fit of rebellion I had put ‘fuelled by biscuits’, and in the cold light of day, printed in the brochure, that suddenly sounded ridiculous.

Which I suppose it is, (though it is actually true! I love a biscuit) but I tried to explain myself. I hate all that art stuff, you see, I said. All that pretension, all that rhetoric… I can’t explain it… all that…

All that art bollocks, Anne said.

Quite so. I couldn’t have put it better myself. 🙂


Here’s the painting on the brochure:


The Last One is Me


Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Tomorrow I have to deliver a painting to an exhibition (I forgot today and just got a call reminding me – another thing that went wrong!), then I’m going to come home again and drink tea from… a wellington boot, I guess, and make a 3D letter ‘T’ (I’m almost there!).

6 Comments on “A broken cup

  1. Ahhh poor cup and poor you. Hope you can find another cup. You see, tea from a wellie will probably taste if rubber and b.o. lol 😂 With your skills I would get a plain one and paint it yourself.

    • Might not actually try the wellie thing. Good idea to paint a cup though! I painted a bowl at the pottery cafe recently, they fired it for me, I collected it, and chipped it on its first use. I am clumsy. 🙂

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