Look and see

illustration of theresa may and British bulldog

I went on the bus to The Stables Gallery to collect some flyers and leaflets for that Open House Studio thing I’m taking part in in June. I’m calling it ‘that thing’ because it is freaking me out this week, and I’m trying to make it less scary.

It is HOT today, even in shorts and a vest, and especially on a bus, but all started well because the best seat was free. Try this next time you go on a bus – sit on the seat above the back wheel. Hold your mouth just so – sort of slack and with your teeth relaxed, but touch your lips together. When the bus gets going, you feel a funny vibrating tingle in your head and your lips buzz and tickle. It’s so lovely. Maybe other seats do it too – you could experiment, but you have to be careful not to drool (or giggle), as that’s alarming for the other passengers, who have no idea what’s going on.

Anyway, you see lots of wonderful things from a bus if you really look. Here’s some of what I saw:

  • Two young men practicing boxing on the pavement
  • A bright green door half open with black and white tiles in the hallway
  • A girl with wet hair
  • Some bare chested roofing men getting very sunburnt
  • A dog sitting upright on a chair outside the barbers, looking very fed up*
  • Black and white newspaper headlines outside the shop by the bus stop
  • A man with white hair in a ponytail almost down to his waist
  • The blue sky with not a cloud in it, and all the colours of all the shops next to it like a kaleidoscope as we whizzed past
  • A woman in perfectly white jeans and sunglasses cycling on a pale blue bike
  •  A teenage boy making eyes at a teenage girl, and I’m not surprised, because girls,  those hippy, baggy patterned trousers you’re all wearing this Summer, with a crop top, is a really gorgeous thing and you all look GREAT!

That was just from the bus! Then I had to walk down the road to the gallery, where there was more treasure:

  • The periwinkle blue paint of the gallery’s woodwork. It’s seriously worth a trip there just to see this paint colour
  • The ground in the gardens was still damp and cool under the tree canopy, and it was like chocolate mixed with biscuits
  • Orleans House was wrapped in scaffolding like it had broken its limbs and was having pins inserted to hold it together
  • Passing through the cafe, I heard one very elderly lady asking another ‘What will happen to your house when you die? Will Peter get it?’ And the other one didn’t reply, she just drank her coffee
  • All the pretty cottages on the way down to the gallery, the park and the river. That’s where I’m going to live when I’m an old lady, and Peter’s getting nothing.

There are so many good and funny things, aren’t there? And everything you see gives you ideas for something else. What did you see today?

*This was the best thing of all. I came home and drew him straight away.

4 Comments on “Look and see

  1. Awareness is good. Lots to see if one opens ones eyes 😁

  2. Love this Trudi. Your list is a thing of beauty. Poetry passing before one’s eyes. The coffee spoons and water sparkles, ducks waggling tails and little people pottering past with nappy shaped bottoms. Snippets of curiosity and generosity, and lookings out of the corners of eyes.

    • And your writing here is a poem! Beautiful. I agree, so much to see in simple things, and I like the idea of looking out of the corners of eyes. Glad the parcel arrived safely! Thanks for the email xx 🙂

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