A certain darkness, and a beautiful light

Ilustration of nude

What can I say?

There’s a tension in that certain sort of darkness. Do you know the sort I mean? That enveloping intangible darkness that creeps over now and then. And yet, there it also is – the ever present and beautiful light – the birdsong and the softest feathers and the motes of dust, dancing. Real things, wonderful treasures.

It’s a battle.

Only one side can win*, but in truth, both exist alongside each other, pushing and pulling and wrestling. I think there is more going on in this world than we can see with our eyes.

Do you believe we need you to fight? We do. We need you to fight. Lend us your muscles and lean in, adding the weight of you, the breath of you, the essence of you. We’ll be one man down without you.

Do I believe you need me to fight? I do, exhausted by the prospect as I sometimes am.

The birdsong, and the feathers and the motes of dust dancing require it of us all.


*Light and love will win in the end. It’s OK.
** More from life drawing, above. This is Angela in ink and acrylic, and it took an hour, this morning, during which a Canada goose waddled into the back of the studio from the Thames, and I shooed it out by clapping and waving the skirt of my apron at it. I was quite proud of myself! It was so warm today that in the break we all sat on the back steps down to the water with our coffee, and watched the swans and their fluffy goslings, and the rowers training hard. Kevin has made a coot a fantastic nesting place – the little thing floats about on its nest of sticks assembled on a life-saving ring. Kevin has suspended a metal lampshade over its head by means of some wire, or something, and it makes a very good floating sunshade. The man is a genius! It is a funny sight. On the steps, I had a chat with someone about anxiety/depression, hence this post.

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