Small triumphs

illustration of woman looking at phone in the morning

It was all stations go today – back to school after the Bank Holiday, and Alex had an early flight – another work trip – before I even woke up. I had serious back-to-being-capable nerves when the alarm went off, but it turned out OK. I hopped out of bed, said hello to the cats, checked for mice (couldn’t see one, but that means nothing), woke up the children. Made packed lunches, emptied the dishwasher, prepared breakfast, found wayward shoes, policed the bathroom traffic jam. Waved them off: goodbye, smallest child (she’s always first, so organised), goodbye, middle child (headphones in, quick wave from the end of the path), goodbye biggest child (man sized, in a tearing hurry).

And then, all was quiet. I made a pot of tea, read the news, tidied up, had a shower, put some washing on.

Upstairs to the loft. ‘The key word is gentle’ I wrote at the top of my gentle list of tasks, and gently, I attacked them. What a triumph it was after a whole month or more of illness to finally reply to all the emails I’d missed. I made lists of things to do for the Open Studio. I balanced the books and settled my accounts for the last little while – not exactly fun, but pleasing when all the numbers add up, for sure. I researched a few new ideas and projects, and made notes.

I put on my shoes and strolled out into the sunshine to the library, where I didn’t find the book I was after, but spotted another good one and borrowed that. I popped into the charity bookshop for a browse, posted a letter, paid for lessons at the music shop, waved hello at the hairdresser, and bought a crusty loaf of bread at the baker’s. My leg was a bit wobbly but it didn’t limp.

Which is a good thing, as I can’t really be bothered to be an invalid anymore!

This afternoon I’ve got drawings to do, a painting to start, more things to plan. A discussion with the brilliant gardener who is helping me sort out our garden wilderness*. Then cooking, eating, clearing up, a spot of GCSE maths revision (not looking forward to this), some serious adulting involving going-to-university admin with Felix… and then hopefully some chocolate in front of the TV.

Small triumphs. Progress. A good day.


*This is in itself a triumph! I have finally admitted I can’t manage the garden (and am clueless). In my defence, it’s massive (but I’ve always been clueless. At least now plants might actually get put in all the right places!). It’s cool though, to watch a professional at work.

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