Flowers for everyone

painting of flowers in a jug

There’s a reason I’m painting all these flowers. Actually, there are a few:

  1. I’m opening my studio soon for the annual Richmond ArtHouse Open Studio event. June 23rd evening, June 24th and June 25th. You are all welcome to come and look at my work in real life, drink a cup of tea, eat some cake maybe and leave with your eyes full of magic and colour.*
  2. AND, if you are looking for something to fill a space on your wall, I’ll have lots of original paintings to buy, and prints too. Come and find something pretty/unusual. Hence, the flowers! It’s going to be so beautiful round here.
  3. Before this stupid illness I was steaming ahead on my new illustration portfolio. I still am, in my head, and planning where I want to get all that lovely work to run alongside making and selling paintings. It takes more intense concentration though, and I haven’t got it back yet. I just can’t focus for long enough. It’s tiresome, but I’m being kind to myself. Flower paintings I can start, let them hang around for a bit on the easel and come back to now and then in short bursts. It seems to be working, so just sit back and feast yourself for a while until I’m properly better 🙂
  4. I plan to branch out into wholesale with these flowers. Alex constantly advises me to take it easy. OK, OK. I’ll start small!
  5. A pure love of colour, shape and pattern. I can’t get enough. I could paint all day, forever.

Find more information on Richmond ArtHouse here and here.

*It’s very important to me (so important! I can’t tell you how important) that you feel able to come and see my work simply with the motivation of interest, curiosity and friendliness. I am not expecting you to *buy* anything. Heck, just come for the cake.  Just come, and then go and look at all the other art studios in the area!

I’m looking forward to meeting you.


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