In town again

summer pattern by trudi murray

This is how window shopping makes me feel.

I ordered a dress for young Philomena* but it was far too big. Either they make clothes bigger these days or she is a wee slip of a thing – but she got lost in it. I am used to sewing tucks and stitches into her clothes to make them fit better, but this dress didn’t suit that treatment, so back it had to go. And sometimes, you just want something to fit without your Mummy having to doctor it. We both agreed. I’d thought that one of the boys might run into Kingston and drop it back for me, but this morning, I was so bored of resting or trying to work with my injured leg up on the desk (!), so I decided to take it back myself.

*Don’t tell anyone*.

Wow – it was exciting! What started it was I had tried on my skinny jeans and they actually went on my leg. This is progress. I’m not sure they use this as a measure of recovery in the NHS, but they should. I was triumphant. I dared to dream about feeling normal again, and that was that. I was decided.

I did feel a little like I was going on an expedition to the moon though! I pulled a sock onto my still slightly swollen ankle (can you buy socks without elastic? that might be easier, going forward), strapped on a trainer, loosely tied, and hobbled off to the bus stop like an escapee. I took some Kendall Mint Cake** in case I ran into difficulties, and wore dark glasses. My friends*** get everywhere, and they wouldn’t be too impressed by this adventure.

Well, it seems I have totally missed Spring, as the shops are full of Summer. I returned the dress and allowed myself a quick look at all the new colours and patterns and designs. I love clothes, and I’m a marketer’s dream; just as they were no doubt planning, I got very excited about holidays and sunshine and weddings (though I have missed two we were invited to, being incapacitated for the last month). I love visual merchandising though, and the displays in shops always give me new ideas. There are cardboard cacti this season, for goodness sake. It’s wonderful. I’d like to work in that world. Anyway, I drank it all in and came away happy.

I didn’t range all over town as usual. I didn’t go for a cup of tea. The buses were kind to me and came straight away, both there and back. I was home within the hour. See? Not too bad! And good for me in so many ways.



*Philomena won third prize in the Young Writers’ Festival! We went to the awards ceremony at the weekend.
**Kendall Mint Cake is good for any sort of eventuality, dramatic or not. Elevenses will do if you can’t think of anything else, but it does taste better if you are waiting for the emergency services.
***Call themselves friends?! They still won’t let me do anything. Apparently it’s for my own good. 🙂

Summer pattern illustration

Which background colour do you prefer – blue… or biscuit?

11 Comments on “In town again

  1. Blue I think…..keep pacing yourself and don’t be tempted to use up all your energy, keep a little back in reserve…keep mending.
    Bye..Jean S

    • Lots of people like blue too! I am trying hard to pace myself, I promise. Thank you for your card – I will write one back soon xx

    • I know, they are fab. I have often asked what happens to the displays when they’re taken down but have never got a satisfying answer. There must be a huge cupboard full of cacti, and polar bears and baubles left over from Christmas!

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