Black Box

weighed down by troubles illustration

A wise friend told us that you need broad shoulders to carry the black box – the record of what went wrong; the final moments of calm, the warning signs (if any) and the start of the rapid spiral downwards from what felt like a steady, pleasant course.

Holding that is hard work. It weighs heavy in dark responsibility, especially if you never asked for it.

Sometimes the black box is lost in the ashes, and no one ever knows what really happened. People will speculate endlessly, forever.

But sometimes the black box is intact, smoking and hot to the touch, and it’s dense with meaning and hard to look inside. You drag it home and stand around it, wondering how on earth to deal with this. All you need is to show the black box to someone experienced in these things, investigate it with them and be told in the end that yes, you are the one who has to carry it now, whether that’s fair or not.

And that you can do it. You have broad shoulders.

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