Thank you

painting of flowers in jar by trudi murray

Hello again! I am getting much better every day (though the Doctor this morning, discharging me, said it might take months to fully recover, my leg might always be a funny colour, and the swelling *might* linger forever, since the damage in the tissues was so deep, and extensive). Gloomy, but realistic. Oh well, think happy thoughts. I could make a fortune on eBay by selling all my lovely shoes that no longer go on my feet. And I always wanted to be a barefoot hippy anyway, so perhaps it is simply my destiny calling.

Following on in the happy thoughts theme, so many of you helped me in my plight, and I am so grateful, and am going to list you here to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Alex – for taking me to hospital so quickly in the first place, worrying even though you never worry, and catching me every time I fainted at the sight of a needle. Especially for driving all the way back down to Kingston with a coffee on the roof of the car. 🙂

Felix – for looking after your sister in the hospital and revising for your A-levels on a bench. I hope you still pass.

Philomena and Lucas – for becoming such a good cooking team, so quickly!

Emma – for carting me back to the hospital for yet more drugs and for sending encouraging texts, and making me laugh, and being so amazing all the time.

Holger – for calling me ‘hobbles’ – I hope that sticks!

Hugh and Isabel – for bringing food and feeding it to me, and calmly restoring us to order that day right at the start. And for everything else!

Everyone at St Mary’s – for loving me so much and praying for me throughout.

Anyone who texted – thank you! My phone was red hot!

Anyone who commented here – you all amaze me with your support and friendship. I am very grateful for you!

Alison – my online buddy. Your encouragement is so welcome and astonishing! Thank you.


This is becoming like an Oscars speech! I don’t care. It’s necessary. I never knew how loved I am. To you all, thank you.


PS: I’m back to work, on half measures, sort of. Perhaps not at rocket speed as usual 🙂




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