Wolf pack

illustration of wolf pack watching TV

I went into London on Monday, portfolio and work bag in hand. It felt really great, though my aim was quite nerve-wracking. I had an appointment with a professional illustration critic, to review my portfolio and discuss ideas around running with wolves getting lots of lovely new work in the illustration market.

Pretty scary stuff. There was a guy on the train who came over and started chatting to me quite near the end of the ride. He turned out to be a sculptor, and his artsy conversation distracted me a little from my mission, which was good, as the nerves were seriously beginning to bite at my ankles by the time we reached Waterloo.

I had a nice walk over the bridge to Somerset House, knocked back a very quick, very strong, very sweet coffee, was encouraged by the receptionist ladies – ‘You look fabulous!’ * / ‘Good Luck!’ and then it was happening.

I’ve always been a little worried that my age, and the fact I’ve been at home with the kids for so many years, would be a stumbling block in getting into the world of work again / taking on a new direction. No such thing! I was encouraged to find out that I could probably eat all my juicy worries for breakfast, spit the bones out and still have room for lunch.

Perhaps rearing my own little pack of cubs has given me sharper teeth and quicker wit than I imagine.

Anyway, my work was well received – apparently I speak wolf, instinctively. And even better, this from a critic who added succinctly, ‘I don’t mess around, if it’s not right, I’ll tell you.’ Gulp. And, good. You need frank advice and clear direction when preparing to join the wolf pack.

So, I scribbled down all her thoughts and ideas, and we discussed how to focus my portfolio to get the most work, and much more importantly, the work I want. I promised to come back to let her know my progress, ticked off my checklist of questions to ask, gathered up my iPad, notebook, portfolio and reading glasses, and ambled out onto Embankment, blinking in the pretty Spring sunshine.

On the train, on the way home, I met my husband, and we giggled at the novelty of being there together.

I’ve been hard at work, structuring and planning new websites and making decisions all week. It will take a little while. But soon I hope to be howling** with the best of them.


*People, I did! It was deliberate. Clothes are power.
** Possibly at the moon.

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