Let the Heavens take over

original painting by Trudi Murray

I’m trying to let the heavens take over. It’s not easy, as I like to know what I’m doing, and be self sufficient and capable, but dark arts such as matching Photoshop to the colour profile on my printer tend to drive me a little insane. I simply don’t know why the colours are suddenly not coming out quite right, and the internet is no help, or, in that annoying way it has, too much help; I could waste countless hours in forums reading peoples’ professional opinions on the matter. I feel clueless. Some might say no one else will notice the colours in the print don’t quite match the original. True. But then again, our (otherwise excellent) builders told me that I would NEVER notice that the edge profile of the new bannister rails they had fitted is not exactly the same as the existing ones going up to the loft.

It’s a tiny thing. I notice it EVERY DAY. I’ve tried not to, but I do. I know how spoilt this sounds – but it’s genuinely not that. I am so grateful for even having bannisters. That means I’ve got stairs! Which means bedrooms, bathroom, upstairs, downstairs. A home. It’s so frustrating though when things deteriorate, or stop working, or are not quite right. And it’s exhausting, being so observant and noticing everything, and then trying to solve it. I know it’s not necessary, and that it’s not all my job, and I’m trying to get better at outsourcing the problems*, and not researching them all by myself.

Anyway, to help me remember that I should let the heavens take over**, I painted these houses, who do not care one bit if the sky is moving in under their foundations. They are happy, and floating free in the world. The tree (and the lamppost!) has gone one further and has almost disappeared into the blue.

I like that idea! It sounds very relaxing.


*Like asking a professional printer to make me some prints!
** I may be a little worried about my illustration portfolio review appointment coming up in a week’s time. It’s an hour with a consultant critically looking over my work. Do you think that could be it? Mmm, tricky one. It’s definitely the sort of thing one could overthink. Not that I would ever do that..!


This painting will be available for sale at my Open Studio weekend in June, (part of Richmond ArtHouse event) where you can see it in its full, chilled out glory. You will also be able to view the two different edge profiles of the bannisters on the way up to the studio, but don’t let me see you looking.



2 Comments on “Let the Heavens take over

  1. Dear Trudi As I said, I am forsaking Facebook for Lent! But your Facebook seems to come to me also on email! I don’t know how it works! Anyway, I’m trying hard NOT to look at your email/ Facebook which will enjoy doing AFTER EASTER!! Love from Roger

    Sent from my iPad


    • Every time I write a blog post, you automatically get it on email too, as you have subscribed to my blog! I do usually share the post with my private Facebook friends (of which you are one!), as some of them have asked to see it that way and don’t want to miss it. (And who am i to argue with that!). So don’t worry, if you get emails from my blog, you are not looking at Facebook, and you won’t suffer eternal damnation for breaking your lenten fast. But feel free to save all the emails up for Easter day, and then gorge on blog posts while eating chocolate for breakfast 🙂

      You could always unsubscribe from my blog temporarily to avoid the tantalising temptation!

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