Monkey mind

illustration of woman practicing yoga tree pose

I’m finding that yoga energises my mind in a way that a high paced, intense exercise class just can’t. It’s impossible to think in the latter – just surviving the next 25 seconds, x3, 5 seconds rest, and repeat, for an hour (!) – there’s no room for thought or reflection. I am simply in the realm of the physical, working hard.

It’s good for me. I enjoy not thinking for a while.

Yoga, on the other hand, lets my mind spark and fizz. I am thoroughly enjoying the visual and metaphorical aspects of the poses. Tree pose: like a tree, rooted, and reaching upwards. Child pose: resting, vulnerable, pure. Warrior pose: on guard, alert, strong. It’s so much fun thinking about what each pose means to me as we practice, and it always gives me new ideas.

This morning our teacher Sarah explained about monkey mind – an idea that our mind is often full of busy monkeys. I just had to draw it. The familiar feeling of having a head full of chattering ideas, symbolised as monkeys, tickled me enormously! It would be nice to ignore them for a while, as Sarah suggested, and I’m going to practice doing just that.

When I came out of the class, the sun was shining and the blossom on the trees looked so pretty. I put on my favourite song of the moment and strolled home, as opposed to my usual march. Yoga, it seems, is also good for me!

PS: If you go to circuit training at 6am, and then yoga at 9.30am, you *will* fall asleep in the relaxation at the end, and you *might* snore.

PPS: The tall ship in my picture is Alex, sailing home. We have quarrelled – it happens, doesn’t it? Real life. But now he’s away on business again. I hope when he comes back we will be proper friends again, and can plan an adventure – perhaps by ourselves and without the children, those other naughty monkeys.

9 Comments on “Monkey mind

    • If you get the chance to go for classes, do! It’s fun. I was told I could learn from tutorials on the internet, and I guess you could, but there is nothing like a great teacher in real life. 🙂

  1. Oh yeah, when I read this I had to think of my hero Mingyur Rinpoche. I absolutely adore this little fella and often watch his videos. Here’s a link:

  2. Ah thank you Trudi – so kind of you to give me a mention and I LOVE your illustration. It perfectly sums up today’s class – finding stillness and not paying any attention to the troupe of chattering monkeys that is our mind. So pleased you’re enjoying the classes. And don’t worry – you haven’t snored (yet!). xx

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